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"there's nothing like owning your own vacation home!"

What are the advantages of owning a vacation home and what kind of return can you expect? Here is a summary of the most advantageous reasons to own a vacation home.
Appreciation over time - By far the biggest ROI from a vacation home comes when you purchase a home at the right time and for the right price and the home appreciates in value over the years.
Tax write off - You vacation home becomes a secondary business and as such, especially in the first few years, can often provide significant tax savings against other income.
Cash flow - Especially during the busy holiday months, the rental income from your home can provide positive cash flow.
Vacation in your home whenever you want - The main reason people like owning a vacation rental home is the ability to enjoy the vacation capital of the world any time you like in your very own home away from home.

how to get started

No obligation evaluation - Whether you are purchasing a new home or you already own a home and are looking for a top notch management company, Karin Boyer, our Home Acquisition Specialist, will be happy to go to the home and give you an honest evaluation. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer before you sign a contract of sale. Because the guest experience is paramount at Florida Dream Homes, we actually turn away more homes than we accept into our management program.
Already own a vacation home? - Perfect. If you home meets our stringent standards, we can have your home up and running on our website in less than a day. If improvements need to be made, we can schedule them quickly and still get your home live on our 24/7 reservation website.
Looking to upgrade your home first? - Excellent. Allow Karin to stop by your home and look it over. She'll have lots of great suggestions for how to improve it. She also has a knack for making homes look great on a limited budget.
Looking to purchase a new vacation home?
- That's exciting. We love helping new homeowners purchase their first vacation home. By contacting us before you sign a contract, we can ensure you are making good choices. As your property manager, both you and us are motivated to not only get the home purchased, but to ensure it is a high quality home that will get you the best return possible.
Contact us - Karin Boyer is our Home Acquisition Specialist. She can be reached at 407.396.2233, or emailed at [email protected]